Accelerate learning with Ponddy Tutors

Maximize learning with live instructors and AI based materials.


We move learners from beginning to AP level and beyond with our comprehensive curriculum that follow national and international standards.

4. Mastering Chinese in no time

3. Enjoying the power and the benefits of AI learning

2. Enabling students to interact with personalized learning plans

1. Getting students to fall in love with learning Chinese



Our native-speaking tutors are experienced teachers.


Experts with a master's degree in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL).


Work with each learner whether new, bilingual or heritage speakers to drive student success.


Engage, encourage and challenge each student to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Smart Textbooks

Dynamic comprehensive online learning modules powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Customized Curriculum

For each level of learning.

Exclusive feature - Smart Textbooks

learning-tool themed-pondlets real-time-analytics gamified-exercise

Learning tools

Ponddy Tutors leverage the Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS) which groups similar elements together for better retention.

Thematic Pondlets

Interactive learning modules with vocabulary, in- context definitions, audio and grammar aligned to AP themes.

Gamified exercise

Continuously changing so each time you practice you are presented with new challenges. Analytics result across all the users will also be available for reference.


  • hero Live certified teachers, interactive online class

  • hero Small class size with a maximum of 3 students

  • hero Qualify for courses through FREE assessment

  • hero Strengthen speaking, writing, reading, listening skills

  • hero Use AI-powered Learning tools - Smart Textbooks and Ponddy Reader

  • hero Progressive course paths design for maximized learning effectiveness and efficiency


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